We are living in a day and time that demands faith! Faith not for things, finances or stuff, but

Faith in the Living God! 

The Lord recently allowed me to experience the weightiness of His Presence - His Glory!

I was in worship at a service and I began to experience Him filling the space where I was,

to the point that I could not move. Overwhelmed, I bowed myself to the floor, not able to do 

anything but acknowledge that He was God. I was pressed, almost as if I was in a box, in 

a corner with no where to go. I was not afraid, I was not smothered, but my heart and my

Spirit were pressed with the greatness, the immensity, the power of our God as He literally filled the space where I knelt. 

I began to hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, 'Until God's people recognize that God is enough'. I realized throughout my entire being the hugeness, the enormous power and Presence of our God. How can we stand when He fills up the room? Because we very rarely acknowledge or realize that He does. His Presence, His Kingdom completely fills the earth, however, most of the time we are unaware of it.  I was amazed, stunned, couldn't breathe because God was making Himself known to me in a new way. 

The craziest thing about all of this, is that although others experienced His Presence, I am sure not many experienced what I did, even though we were all in the same place at the same time. The revelation of Him completely filling the earth realm where I was bowed down in worship, demanded that I humble and still myself in awe of His splendor and power. I felt Him until He completely filled the space

We live in an age where we have made God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit so common. We have lost the awe, the amazement of serving the living God. The definition of awe is a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.  Respect and reverential fear are not frequently observed in our worship, praise or celebration of God. The Trinity has been reduced down to buddies - Jesus is referred to as a boyfriend or homie and God as a husband. The Holy Ghost exists only to make us shout or speak in some kind of language that is supposed to be a heavenly language without any inner spiritual transformation. 

I challenge you in your pursuit of God. Don't settle for church as it is. Our God is greater than any sanctuary that has been built. He cannot be contained within the earth realm because He fills the heavens. Isaiah's revelation of Him caused him to bow in repentance not only for himself, but for the people called by His name. 

It's time for repentance and conversion. Peter tells the crowd in Acts:

'Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord,' Acts 3:19

It's time that leaders across this nation, begin to lead their congregation in repenting and then changing so that the refreshing can come upon us from God's Presence. Apostles, bishops, pastors, teachers, evangelists and prophets need to lay between the porch and the altar crying out before our awesome, terrible, mighty God in repentance.

What we need from God is not going to come from singing, dancing, screaming or shouting. A good message is not going to open the heavens for the glory of God to be revealed in our lives. A good song is not going to open the doors of the heavens so that transformation begins to happen in our hearts and our minds.

It will only come as we find ourselves on our knees crying out for forgiveness for EVERYTHING and all things. This becomes not a one time thing, but a lifestyle as we posture ourselves before the great big God that Jehovah is. Let's repent until forgiveness is a way of life, repent until the love of God overwhelms us and we are able to love our enemies, doing good to those who mistreat us with the ultimate goal of being able to turn the other cheek when someone slaps the other one. Let's repent until God's Word becomes the steering wheel for our journey and we are content with all that He has ordained to take place in our lives. Let's repent until it is no longer about us and we begin to reflect the glory of God in the earth.

It's time to repent...