Vanessa L. McQueen


Vanessa L. McQueen serves the Body of Christ and the local assembly of believers of The Sanctuary Covenant Christian Fellowship alongside her husband of almost 38 years, Senior Pastor Frederick L. McQueen.  

Vanessa originally heard the call of a prophet as a teenager. However, it has taken many years of God working in her life to mature her to the place spoken to her years before.  She personally knows what it means to have a call of God on your life and not know what to do with it, how to explain it to others or  how to use it to bring glory to God.  She also knows the importance of character, maturity and integrity in ministry.

"There are many lessons that I have learned in my journey.  I have seen the prophetic misused, manipulated and used to bring condemnation and confusion in the lives of God's people.  It is my heart and a part of my destiny to bring the truth and to reveal the authentic when it comes to dealing with the Word of God and that which is called the prophetic.

I welcome the opportunity to minister the Word of God during this time knowing that there is much counterfeit in the four walls of the church.  There is a great revival of God's Word that is coming and I have purposed with all of my heart to be a part of the renewal of the Holy Spirit that God is bringing to the earth!

Join me in my quest to see the Word of God bring salvation, sanctification, restoration and renewal!  

​Vanessa celebrates her role as wife to the love of her life, mother of four gifted children, and Nana to the most adorable granddaughter ever!